GalaJapon TV #16

 Hello Everyone! Thank you for watching GalaJapon TV #16! 

This time’s theme was “Cleaning Up”. 

We did a character diagnostic test from the internet, and talked about our rooms. 

 Thank you for all the comments! 

 For Ms. Miki’s beauty corner, she taught us how to storage the cosmetics! 

I use a pouch to storage my cosmetics, but it not really useful… 

Same shape, and color order, I want to try it step by step! 

Also she answered questions from listener! 

Sorry that I could not read all of it, please comment us next time! 

 Ms. Miki’s first beauty book, “All for the sake of “preventing the dry skin”, will be publish on May 22th! 

All of you have to get this!

 I already reserved it. Haha!

 For Mr. Shin’s movie corner, he recommended us “Train Mission”. 

Well, right after he said Haction, as Action, I could not stop laughing. Hahaha

 We can watch it in the theater now, so I’ll go watch it! 

 I have something to tell you. 

I decided to graduate GalaJapon TV!

 I turned into Junior year in university, and I have many things to study.

 I want to learn many things during university, so I decided to concentrate on university. 

Thank you for year and 4month to supporting me. And please continue to have fun with GalaJapon TV!! 

 At last, I wrote how I feel now in calligraphy! 『学』Gaku. 

Meaning is learning, studying, knowledge. 

  I learned a lot from GalaJapon, and I’ll continue to learn about many things, and I want to have good knowledge and study hard. So I choose this word.

 Please chack out our official site for next broadcast’s information! 

 Thank you very much!!! 




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