Gala Japon TV #15

 Hello Everyone! Thank you for watching GalaJapon TV #15! 


 This time’s theme was “Change one’s style”. 

We had fun time talking what kind of hairstyle we want to try, and what we ever done to change style.

 For Ms. Miki’s beauty corner, she introduced us the colors of lipsticks!

 I didn’t know there are that much kinds of pink… 



 Our impression changes a lot only change the lip color. 

And I noticed that I always use same kinds of color! 

I think I will try coral pink lipstick next! 

 Also thank you for all the comments and questions. 

It was so helpful to learn about eyebrows, and hairstyle and everything! 

And!!!! There is Ms. Miki’s beauty book coming up! 

The title is “All for the sake of “preventing the dry skin””. 

 At Mr. Shin’s movie corner, we talked about “Engine Sentai Go-onger” 10th anniversary! 

10th anniversary… wowwwww!

 DVD ”Engine Sentai Go-onger 10 YEARS GRANDPRIX”, I can’t wait to watch it! So excited!!! 

 For my KOKOIKE! Go Good video, I introduced the good place to see cherry blossom in Tokyo! 

You can watch it from here!

Please watch it~! 

 I did not have time to explain about this time’s souvenir but, this is what bought! 


 This is call “Fumikou”, when you put this in the letters, the letters will smell like Sakura, cherry blossom. 

 Also, you can put it in your room, and it’s going to smell so good too! 

 Okay, we started from last broadcast, we have Mr. Shin’s guitar lesson at last! 

This time, Ms. Miki could play F code, and also, she played “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” and “the Country Road”. 

Can you believe this??! It was amazing! 

 During the guitar lesson, I had my calligraphy time! 

This time, I pick the Kanji “色” which means “color”. 

 We were talking about color of the lipsticks, and there are many colors for Mr. Shin’s Go-onger. 

I think there were many “color talking” this time, so pick this. 

 Please check the official site about next GalaJapon TV. 

See you in the next broadcast! 




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