Gala Japon TV #14

 Helloooo everyone! How was GalaJapon TV#14


 I was absent last month because of the university exam, but I’m back! 

Miyaji came back!!! Yey! 

Well, this month’s theme was “Early White Day” 


White Day is a day that you give a return gift of Valentine’s day and it’s on March 14th. This event is not in America, but in Japan, usually boys give a return gift to the girl.

 Ms. Miki introduce us a perfect return gift for girls! Amazing beauty masks! 

 It’s become better and better each day, I learned that there is one point mask, reasonable price one, and little rich one. 

Whoooo, I really want to try all of it!!! 

Ms. Miki taught us a day that our skin looks tired the most, is Wednesday. 

So I should try beauty mask on Wednesday, and make my skin beautiful 


And! Mr. Shin introduced us movies as usual! 

Well, yea. Could everyone follow him?? Lol 

If you want to know? Check the archives! 

Oh! “The Greatest Showman” is just started!

 I really love musical, so I’m so excited!!! 

 I went to the Ueno Zoo to see pandas call ShinShin and XiangXiang! 

I showed you photos a little bit during the broadcast, but I had many other things in the video, so please check our official site! 

I recommend to go there and see adorable panda for a date! 

I went by myself by the way!!! IT WAS FUN!!!! 


At last, suddenly guitar lesson started, and I don’t know why. Haha Well, they were doing it after the broadcast too. Lol

 Is there guitar lesson next month!? 

 Thank you for all the comments! 

And sorry that we couldn’t read all of it. 

Live broadcast makes me nervous, but also really fun! 


We’ll do our best to make you enjoy next month!




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