Gala Japon TV #12

Gala Japon TV SP.!!!! 

Public live broadcast! 

How was it??

 It was a really SPECIAL one I believe! 

 Everyone who came to see us, or who watched us on the FRESH, Thank you very much! 

 I had really good time with everyone’s laughing and clap and cheer which is not there always. I was nervous, but I forgot about it at last!

 Mr. Kodai Minoda who is composer and Shamisen player, plays Shamisen for us and it was amazing! I thought the Japanese traditional music is wonderful again.

 Talking with four of us was really funny and I laughed so hard all the time lol 

 Our beauty talk! 

Ms. Miki taught us a one point color is really important in winter.

 The red knitwear she wore was beautiful! I always wear all black, so I should put one point color, and wanna spend this winter gorgeously!

 And at Mr.Shin’s EIGAKAN e Go corner, he talked about the movie which Mr. Shin and Mr. Minoda met! I really wanted to listen and see the Shamisen playing… 

BUT! We saw the piano and Shamisen’s collaboration!! I was like “Is Shamisen and piano match…?” However, it was the BEST MATCH.

 It was different types of sound, but it’s lift up together and made wonderful music! 

 And it was just a random request, but Mr. Minoda did it perfectly. I just wanna say it was fantastic!!! Mr.Shin looks really fun, and it spread to the studio, and it made everyone smiling 

 We can make an atmosphere together, and feel together. It was great, right??

 My corner was little different from the usual lesson, but English lesson!

 People can understand when you put only words, and vocabulary, you don’t need a perfect grammar. Try it! 

 Well, our goal was 45 minutes, but yes. We over and it was 55 minutes. lol However I felt the time past sooooo fast.

 And after the broadcast, we had talk and mini live! 

At the live, Mr Minoda showed us a one of the program of Kabuki called “Kanjincho”. He also explained about it really clearly too. 

Also there was the collaboration with Mr.Shin again! I could imagine the scene with snowing winter, when I heard the new song which Mr.Shin made. 

 All I thought was Piano and Shamisen is the best match! (again lol) 

 Talking of four of us, was really fun too! I laughed so hard! 

Seriously, I had really fun and exciting time!! 

 If you didn’t see it yet, please check out from FRESH!. OH! And this time’s Miyaji’s Fashion! 

  It was a long-sleeved kimono, and I arranged it! 

I cut the middle part, and put the top and bottom together! 

It’s a Short, long-sleeve kimono!! Haha 

 I wore frilled skirt too

 Gala Japon TV will be on the other day from 2018.

 Please check out the for more information! 

 Well, everyone, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



「Galaじゃぽん」はガラパゴス日本の略。 古きよき文化を追求して新しいものを創ることがGalaじゃぽんの最大のテーマです。