Tokyo Tower

Yuka Miyaji’s KOKOIKE! Go Good! Are you wishing to visit Japan? 

Or planning to come?

 I introduce the best, cool, and nice spots for sightseen in Tokyo! 

 The first spot is “Tokyo Tower” which is a one of the symbol of Tokyo! It’s not only a tower, but there are many souvenir shops.

 Everyone who loves Japanese culture, or Japanese subculture can have a great time at here.

 Also, my fashion which combined Japanese traditional clothes, and Gothic and Lolita is cute too! 

Haha I interviewed the foreigners who were sightseeing Tokyo. 

 I’ll introduce the nice place in Tokyo that I want you to visit! Welcome to Tokyo!


「Galaじゃぽん」はガラパゴス日本の略。 古きよき文化を追求して新しいものを創ることがGalaじゃぽんの最大のテーマです。