Gala Blog #11

 Gala Japon TV#11~~~~~~! Did you guys watch it?? 

 Today’s theme was “Public Live Broadcast” for Next Gala Japon TV! 

We announced the details too! 

Date: Dec. 17th Sunday 

Time: 13:45~15:30 (Broadcast starts at 14:00~14:45) 


 And we’ll have a special guest! Prince of the Samisen, Kodai Minoda! There are Live broadcast, Talk time, and mini Live too!

 We are so excited! 

The tickets will be available from 12pm, November 16th!  Please search for “Gala Japon TV”! 

 Today’s Gala Japon TV started with “This month’s O•MI•YA•GE” 

Well, I know. You are saying “Isn’t it O•MO•TA•SE before?”

 Yes, you are right! 

I decided to introduce good Tokyo sightseen spots on YouTube! And the #1 is “Tokyo Tower!” So, I bought the souvenirs from there! (Omiyage means souvenir) 


 Chocolate in the cute Tokyo tower container, and Japanese rice crackers!

 Everything was soooooo yummy!

 Oh, the rice crackers that I’m holding is crashing, why? It because Ms. Miki tried to divided, but she broke it piece by piece. Lol 

 While we were eating, we taled about the title for my YouTube! There were some good ideas, so maybe I’ll decide from there! 

 Well, let’s talk about today’s Miki’s Beauty.

 She introduced Gold items! 

I didn’t know that it’s going to be really gorgeous, she put only one good item! 

Make-up is fun… really! 

There will be many events in this season, so it was really good to know! 

Let’s learn about which cosmetic is good on me, and then we’ll become beautiful✨ 

 And Mr. Shin recommended us “Loving Vincent” 

This movie is animation with all Gogh’s touch. 

I thought it’s the live-action film about Gogh’s life, so surprised! 

Well, Mr.Shin was REALLY excited about this, and he made wise remarks…Lol 

We have to go watch this right??! Otherwise we can’t talk about this with him. Lol 


Today’s Japanese was “DOKIDOKI WAKUWAKU” 

There are many Onomatopoeias to explain our felling, and emotion. 

 Maybe it’s difficult to master all the Onomatopoeias, but it’s interesting! 

Check the YouTube for Japanese Lesson please 

 You know, we had really fun today…. 

They didn’t let me do my Japanese Lesson!!! 

Seriously!! It was hard!!! 

 Well, it was good time, so I don’t care anymore...! Lol 


 Oh! Today’s Miyaji Fashion! 

I put my pink skirt inside this month!


 I love this one✨hehe

Next Gala Japon TV is on December 15th 2pm!

 It’s Live broadcast!!!! 

You can comment us during live broadcast, so maybe we can read your comment at there! 

It’s different time from usual Gala Japon TV, and also, you can watch it only at Fresh!, so be careful!


See you in December!! 



「Galaじゃぽん」はガラパゴス日本の略。 古きよき文化を追求して新しいものを創ることがGalaじゃぽんの最大のテーマです。