Gala Blog #9

Wow, it’s already September!!! So fast, right?? Today’s theme was “appetite”

First corner of today was Miki’s Beauty! She taught us about “Motilin” which ring our stomach when we are hungry. Well, Motilin sounds so cute, so we repeat it so many times lol Everything will be so delicious in this season, and we could resist to eat, right? So! We should think about health and the beauty, so we can stay beautiful  I’m studying about it in this corner, so I think I’m getting smart! Hehe We could watch the moon beautiful in this season, so I bring Japanese dumplings which call Dango for Omotase!

It’s made by 100% Japanese brown rice. Ms. Miki chose the Dango with sweet bean paste from Hokkaido, and Mr.Shin chose soda one! Hmm, It’s rare. And I chose the dango dipped in soy-and sugar syrup, which call Mitarashi-Dango. I can feel the brown rice in my mouth, and the smells are so goooood! It was so delicious! Oh, and Soda-Dango which Mr.Shin ate, it’s really rare I think. I never see it before. So, Mr.Shin was so nervous to eat it! Well, I’m so glad that it was actually yummy !

While we were eating, Mr. Shin recommended us the movie call “DUNKIRK”! Ms. Miki and I were sooooo interested in that movie! Good Timing! Haha He told us about the director, actors, and how the story is great! I felt that I have to watch what Mr. Shin recommended, because he is super good at introduce the movies! SOOO, I decided to go the movie theatre as fast as I can!!!! And! Today’s my Japanese Lesson was “TOTEMO” which means Really, or Very. Japanese are not really show their thinking, but when they use TOTEMO, they mostly saying their real one. TOTEMO can use for anytime, and it’s really useful, so please use it! There is the Japanese Lesson video at our official GalaJapon YouTUbe Channel, so check it out! Oh! And Today’s Miyaji Fashion wasssssss?

It’s different color from last month! Well, I changed the color of the frill at the Tops. White → Black And I also changed the color of the belt’s strings, Pink → Red! Little change, but mood changed a lot right?? If you want to ask something or have some message to us, feel free to send it! There is the place that you can do that at the GalaJapon Official Site! Our next Gala Japon TV is October 18th! Don’t forget to watch~~!


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