Gala blog #8

SUMMER!!! This month’s topic was “Summer homework” There are no homework during summer vacation in America, but in Jaoan, there is a lot! So we talked about homework when we are students And today’s “OMOTASE” was shave ice! We made our own original shave ice!

Mr. Shin chose Japanese Sake “Shinwa” This sake is produced by Mr. Shin! It was little bit weak with shave ice… maybe? But his Sake was a good taste! I don’t really drink Sake, but it was easy to drink! Ms. Miki chose Lemon milk from Tochigi. It was my first time to try it, and it was really good! Yummy with condensed milk too⭐ And I love the bright yellow color! And mine was coconut milk and red beans! I didn’t like coconut milk before, but after I went to Hawaii, it become my favorite! And I love red beans too, so my shave ice is my favorite thing’s collaboration! How was my shave ice? It was soooo good! Yes, I was surprised!! Everyone should try it! Strongly recommended! Thank you very much Mr. Polar bear!! Haha

Well! Next is Miki’s beauty! Today’s topic was “mold” I didn’t know that there is mold on our skin… We have to have a correct knowledge about beauty, and protect our skin clean! Mr.Shin’s movie corner! He recommended the Zombie movie directed by George•A•Romero. Well, when I heard “Zombie”, I’ll think that they attack us, and scary, horror movie. However, Mr.Shin told us his movie shows human relationship and feeling. Also, I used word Zombie a lot, but I didn’t know that this word was made by him! Hmmm, I’m so interested in… I’ll watch DVD! And! My Japanese lesson was “MOSUGU” Japanese often use unclear word, so everyone, be careful! Lol Check out my Japanese Lesson video at YouTube official channel! Today’s Miyaji fashion~~~~~!

Top: reticulated Japanese see-through Kimono Bottom: Frilled skirt Oh and I changed the string’s color of the belt to the pink! Today’s fashion is summer style! It’s cute, right? Haha Next Gala Japon TV is September 20th! Don’t forget to watch it~~!


「Galaじゃぽん」はガラパゴス日本の略。 古きよき文化を追求して新しいものを創ることがGalaじゃぽんの最大のテーマです。