Hi everyone! How was Gala Japon Tv#7?? I know, this GalaJapon was SPECIAL! Yes! We had Ms. Yuma Nakamura as a special guest! It was my first time to meet her so, I was nervous a little bit…!

Today’s our main theme was “Yuma Nakamura”too! And we heard she loves Swiss roll, so each of us brought our best Swiss roll for her, and made her to choose the first place!

The winner was… Mr.Shin! My peach Swiss roll lost…>< Well, all the Swiss roll that we brought were so delicious so it’s okay! Lol Our each corners were Ms. Yuma Version too! I really wanna get the cosmetics that Ms.Miki recommended to Ms.Yuma! We need to take care our skin in this season a lot right?? And this month’s Mr.Shin’s movie corner, well, he said he didn’t have any recommendation this month!! I was like “Really..?” hahaha But! He recommended us a movie theatre and the French movie “Jappeloup” for Ms.Yuma! So she can watch it with her kids with subtile! I don’t really watch French movie, so I should go watch! My corner was little different either! It was about “life in foreign country“! I knew that a Birthday Party is really huge event at there…! Our official YouTube channel will have a “One Point! Japanese Lesson” video, so please check it out too! Our goal for today was exact 45 minutes, but!!! We talked too much…. Hahaha There were so many thing that we wanna hear from Ms. Yuma! At last, we took selfie! Yeyyyyyy!

I had really good time! Oh! Today’s “Miyaji fashion”!

Top: Japanese Yukata Bottom: Corset skirt I wore lace stocking too! Hmmm,,, I like it♪ Our next Gala Japon TV was August 16th! Don’t forget to check~~~~!


「Galaじゃぽん」はガラパゴス日本の略。 古きよき文化を追求して新しいものを創ることがGalaじゃぽんの最大のテーマです。