Galablog #5

Today’s theme is “Stress” In Japan, people say “Gogatsubyo” which is freshman hyposhondria in May. Well, everyone stressed out in these days. But! We should get this over! We can do this!

. Miki’s corner, “Miki no Otasuke, Miki’s Beauty!”, we learned about what we should do when we stressed out. Have a good posture, and deep breath! It’s sounds easy, but really important things, right? I should do it when I stressed out! And Today’s “O MO TA SE” was fruits jello! Why all the food in Japan is sensitive and beautiful✨ Of course it was really yummy! While we are eating, we answered the letters and questions from listeners😁 If you have any questions, there is a place you can send us a letters at our official site, so feel free to ask us!✨ oh and there are so many Mr. Shin’s picture when he was young! Omg, super good smile! Haha Well, we had really fun time

And the next is Mr.Shin’s “Eigakan e Go”. He couldn’t control his love for the actress on his favorite Maybe I only remember that. Lol Mr.Shin knows about everything about the movies, like screenplay, director, and of course about the actors. I can’t wait to watch next one! Okay, because of he couldn’t stop talking about his love for the movie, we spent 45 minutes before my corner lol I was panic so I couldn’t explain “Doushiyou”…! I messed up! Please check official YouTube channel for my “One point! Japanese lesson”! I explain it clearly! Haha Our next Gala Japon TV will be June 21th! Don’t miss it!


「Galaじゃぽん」はガラパゴス日本の略。 古きよき文化を追求して新しいものを創ることがGalaじゃぽんの最大のテーマです。